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Computer Graphics and Design: Home

Books in the Nettlefold Library

The Nettlefold Library has a variety of great books relating to design. These are a small sample of what is available. Browse the library catalogue for additional books.

Library Resources

Internet Resources

Provides access to free material created by universities. Access this via the itunes store or download the app. RMIT University have provided a range of good videos that cover various aspects of design in their course, Art, Design, Media. Check the bottom of the page to browse what others have subscribed to, giving you instant access to related material.

Sign up to browse this highly visual, social networking site and view others' favourite computer graphics and design collections. Download the Pinterest app for your device.

Provides information regarding innovative and sustainable design.

Provides a large database of sustainable products.

Provides information regarding technological changes to the Design field. 

Copyright-Free Multimedia Content

Where possible, you should be using copyright-free multimedia content in your presentation.

Use this site to have access to a range of sites that offer copyright free material. Click on Find CC-licensed Material then enter your search term in the search bar and select the site you wish to search.