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English Literature TQA3: Tempest project


Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers over 50,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books and free kindle books. Download them or read them online.

The complete works of William Shakespeare

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare This site provides free access to all of Shakespeare's plays and poetry placed in the public domain.

Resources for Tempest Criticism

The Tempest study guide on the free literary database Bibliomania is here:


There is a full text copy of the Tempest online on the free Shakespeare database here:


Searching strategy:

  1. Get your assignment sheet and think about what you need to find out, highlight key terms
  2. Write down all your search terms
  3. Go to and brainstorm some more terms
  4. Find out/decide which resources to search i.e.
    1. Hutchins English Literature LibGuide
    2. Hutchins library catalogue
    3. Hutchins EXPLORA database
    4. Google Scholar and Google Advanced Search
    5. UTAS Subject Guide for English
    6. UTAS Catalogue
    7. UTAS Databases i.e. GALE Literary criticism and ProQuest
  5. Start by searching broadly using simple terms in a basic keyword search
  6. If there are too many results or they are not relevant enough use search operators to get better results
  7. Limit your results down to relevant, authoritative, influential, full-text, peer-reviewed and recent articles that are of the right length and level of detail
  8. Read the abstracts, introductions and conclusions, you might need to go back and forth until you have enough resources including a good variety of readings. Aim for about ten and pick at least the three most useful ones to use with your assignment. Remember to reference them.

Search operators:


Used for…

Works in…



Finds BOTH search terms

Google and most databases

Tempest AND feminism


Finds EITHER search term

Google and most databases

Tempest AND (Feminism OR gender)


Excludes that search term

Databases only

Tempest NOT Weather

“Double quote marks”

Finds the search terms where they appear as that EXACT PHRASE

Google and most databases

“Shakespeare’s Tempest”


Lets you build more complicated searches

Google and most databases

(“Shakespeare’s Tempest” OR ‘Literary criticism”) AND ( OR


Use this when one of your words could end multiple ways- finds all possible endings

Google and most databases


- (Minus)

Excludes a word or site



File type (i.e. PDF:)

Finds only that file type



Finds only websites with a .gov.or .com domain


Tempest AND

Finds only results from within that site


Tempest AND



UTAS English Subject guide recommends:

Proquest tutorial (approx. 6 mins)     
JSTOR tutorial (approx. 6 mins)                                                                  
Literature Resource Center tutorial (approx. 3 min)     
Literature Criticism Online (approx. 5 mins)
Project muse tutorial  (approx. 3 min)                                
Auslit tutorial (approx. 5 min)                                                                     
Web of knowledge tutorial (approx. 7 min)

Gale and ProQuest databases would be the best bet of these lots.