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About Explora: About Explora

Where do I find it?

You can also find links to Explora on:

How do I login?

To access the database homepage: Explora needs you to login  using your Hutchins email address and password. 

To follow a link directly into an article: you might be asked for an EBSCO username and password, it is s6806348 and Magenta. 

To create lists and email alerts: once you have logged into the database you can also create a personal EBSCO account and login as an individual. 

When do I need to login?

  • When you follow a link to the database from Rory, Hutchins Central or the LibGuides from home or School
  • When you follow a link to a full text article in Explora from the catalogue or an email alert

What is it for?

Use Explora to research your assignments when you need to rely on scholarly articles. 

Explora is a database (a what?) you can search to access full text articles from 1500+ different journals and newspapers.

These titles are mostly Australian and include some scholarly and some popular articles.

Features include:

  • Advanced searching for more specific searches
  • Use filters to help narrow your search 
  • Browse hundreds of 'topic' collections 
  • Read Wikipedia-style 'topic overviews' for many topics
  • Share articles and set up email alerts for favourite publications
  • Use 'text to speech' to read articles out loud to you 
  • Use the 'cite' button to automatically generate references 

How do I use it?