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About Infiniti (the library catalogue): Infiniti for teachers

Add an Infiniti Catalogue search widget to Rory

Copy and paste the code below into the 'source' view of a Rory text box. 

<iframe src=""  width="800" height="600" referrerpolicy="no-referrer" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Creating resource lists to share

You can use Infiniti to create a list of items in the catalogue so your students can easily find the recommended readings for a particular subject or assignment. Students can then also see in real time where it is and whether it is available to borrow. 

  1. Go to the library catalogue Blue Grey - Concord Logo
  2. Log in to the catalogue using your school username and password.
  3. Search for items 
  4. Hover over the cover image to bring up the menu. Click the menu arrow next to <Reserve> to view the options. Click <Add to list>. 

  5. When you have selected all required resources go to the new tab at the top right of your screen that says <New list> and click to view.
  6. You can save your new collection by clicking the green <Save new collection> button

  7. Either add to an existing list by selecting the name from the list menu or create a new list by entering the name in the text box and clicking <Save>.
  8. Edit your list to share editing or viewing access with other staff or students

NOTE: Adding something to a list does not stop people borrowing it.  

Each list is given its own URL link which can be shared with students and added to Rory. Lists must be shared with an audience in the editing stage before sending out a URL link. The link can only be viewed after the user has signed in to Infiniti. 

To create a pdf, Word document or spreadsheet of your list, switch to <Reading View> and click the icon to download your preferred file format.


Need more advanced help?

See the library staff for more tips and tricks on creating dynamic searches that will update your lists for you.