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Library staff

Stephens & ELC Libraries (Pre-Kindergarten - Year 8)

Nettlefold Library (Years 9 - 12)

Opening hours


Stephens Library 

  • Monday - Friday: 8.10am - 4.00pm

Nettlefold Library 

  • Monday - Friday: 8.10am - 4.00pm


What does the library do?

Books! search and borrow from our collection of 57,000+ print books. We have books for teachers, books for researching your assignments and books just for fun. 


Articles and databases! The library buys access to scholarly articles and provides access to them via the catalogue, WorldCat to help you use quality information in your assignments. 


DVD's and videos! As well as all the DVD's in the library you can access many educational videos clipped from free-to-air tv by searching ClickView.


Referencing! Library staff can help you learn how to reference the resources you use in your assignments. We also provide tools for you to generate your references (see the Online Referencing Generator).


Research! need some help researching your project or finding scholarly articles for your essay? Want some tips about how to find high-quality, scholarly and free online resources? Library staff can help you and your class how to get the most of  Google and the libraries resources. 


Copyright! Not sure if you're allowed to copy that? Want to use Turnitin to check your or your student's work? Not sure when to label an image or how to find creative commons resources? See library staff for copyright advice and for Turnitin accounts.