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Harmony Week: Indigenous Stories

Story Box Stories (Indigenous)









Aboriginal Education Services Videos

Tasmanian Creation Stories - Aboriginal Education Tasmania

Story Talks with Boori

Enjoy these stories by Boori Monty Pryor

Family Stories

Boori and Tess are joined by Auslan interpreter, Amber. Boori tells us about where he grew up, and how his ‘tricky’ mum used stories to keep him and his ten siblings under control. He teaches us that if we listen carefully, stories can make us strong.

Activity: Families love to tell stories - which ones are important to you?

 My Girragundji 

In 1998, Boori’s book My Girragundji won the CBCA Book of the Year award! Boori tells us how a football match, a bored little girl, and a childhood pet frog led to the creation of My Girragundji; and how, 20 years on, the book continues to bring comfort to its readers.

Activity: When you’re feeling worried or scared, what brings you courage?

The Mangroves

Boori takes us up North with a scary story about his favourite place - the beautiful and mysterious mangroves, where danger lurks…

Activity: Why do people love scary stories - can you tell one?

Words and videos from State Library of Victoria