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Welcome to the Celebrations Guide for Prep students. Here you will find a range of videos that describe different celebrations around the world. 

Check the Celebrations folder in our Library for appropriate videos

ABC Splash

Celebrating Achievements (ABC Splash)
Discover some different ways that people celebrate achievements. This clip takes you to two big celebrations: a street parade and a graduation. Find out what it takes to achieve things worth celebrating. Learn some ways that you can help others achieve. Duration is 3 minutes.

Candles Cards and Carols: Christmas in 1983 (ABC Splash)
How do people celebrate Christmas now? This clip shows some of the ways Christmas was celebrated in 1983. People sent cards, gave presents and sang carols. Have things changed? Duration is 5 minutes.

Celebrating a Baby's Baptism (ABC Splash)
Meet Vincent and his family and friends as they celebrate his baptism. Find out what happens when a baby is baptised in the Catholic church. Come along to Vincent's party afterwards for some fun, good food and an amazing christening cake. Duration is 4 minutes.

Celebrating a First Birthday (ABC Splash)
Meet Samantha. It is Samantha's first birthday and her Vietnamese family is planning a very special celebration. Discover what happens at a Vietnamese first birthday celebration. Duration is 3 minutes.