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TASC Chinese: Chinese Culture

Google and Database Search Tips

Try using some of the following search tips to refine your results:

  • Use your assignment as a guide to choosing suitable keywords.
  • Use the Advanced Search option in Google to narrow your search results by region - either China or Australia.
  • Use the wildcard, * in the form, Chin* which will return search results containing both the word China and Chinese.

ClickView Online

Access a large number of videos about Chinese culture using ClickView Online. Check My Library and also the Exchange.

Newspapers, Magazines and Journal Articles

This database is useful for searching for current information regarding China.

Online Encyclopaedia

Provides some good information about Australian and Chinese culture. Click on the related tab to visited useful websites.

Internet Resources - Australian Culture

People, Culture, Lifestyle (Australian Government)
Provides a brief outline of Australia's culture and lifestyle.

Fertility and Family Policy in Australia (Australian Government)
Read the summary provided in this document to gain a basic understanding of Australia's family planning policy.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: Australia, 1900 A.D. - Present (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Discusses the influence Aboriginal art has on Australian artists

Australia's Cultural Links (Skwirk Interactive Schooling)
Discusses the major influences on aspects of the Australia culture.


Internet Resources - Chinese Culture

Countries and their Cultures
Provides a good discussion of both Australian and Chinese culture.

Government Structure (Hong Kong: the facts)
Outlines the structure of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Chinese Herbal Medicine (Better Health Channel)
Provides a description of Chinese herbal medicine and the types of disorders it can be used to treat.

China's Film Industry: The Red Carpet (The Economist)
Compares China's film industry to America's.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: Chinese Painting (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Discusses Chinese painting and calligraphy.