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Online safety: Online Safety SS

Provides information and tools to help you stay safe. This Guide also provides tools for parents

Copyright and creative commons

Sometimes the copyright owners label their material free for use by using a Creative Commons Licence.  It is always best to use these materials in assignments wherever possible.  It is easy to search for images, music and videos through the Creative Commons website.  That can be accessed here by clicking on the Find tab:

The following clip explains what Creative Commons is.

About Digital Citizenship

Being a good digital citizen means:

  • demonstrating netiquette and being polite when communicating online
  • having an understanding of security including the protection of information and personal identity
  • adhering to copyright laws and appropriately acknowledge others' work
  • having the skills to effectively search the internet and identify credible sources of information

A Tale of Two Footprints

The following clip demonstrates that what you do online determines what sort of digital footprint you leave behind. 

Resources for students

eSafety information
This site, developed by ACMA, provides comprehensive information on how to protect yourself online.

Provides comprehensive information on different aspects of digital citizenship for teens.

Resources for Teachers

Classroom resources - esafety
Provides resources and lesson plans

Facebook for Education
A very authoritative, informative and interesting site for all educators about learning with Facebook.

Cybersmart Channel on Youtube