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TASC English Literature: John Donne

Resources for TASC English Literature 3 course

John Donne

Bust of John Donne (14074586548)

Reference books

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg's Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, by John Donne - the introduction to this book is a detailed description of John Donne's life, and the difficulties he faced in finding employment, with recurrent ill health, and in looking after his family. It also details the importance of his faith and eventual appointment to the Church.

Literary context


Sonnets and Metaphysical Poetry


Detailed biography of John Donne via Britannica. This article gives a solid description of Donne's upbringing, career, prose and poetry. The section on his poetry explores the range of techniques employed in Donne's poetry


Metaphysical Poet - article in Britannica detailing the characteristic techniques and themes of the Metaphysical poets.

Poetry Foundation

John Donne Useful discussion of John Donne's background, influences upon his life, development as a poet. Includes observations onhow Donne's poetry changed over time, possibly as a refection of changing circumstances and situations in life.