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TASC Economics: Australian Economy

Statistical Information

Monthly Statistical Bulletin (Australian Parliamentary Library)
Access monthly statistical data regarding the labour market, wages and prices, national accounts, business conditions, finance, external transactions, demographics and international comparisons.

The Treasury (Australian Government)
Access economic information on Australia.

Economic Indicators (Australian Parliamentary Library)
Provides access to a comprehensive range of sites that provide economic indicators including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Reserve Bank of Australia and other organisations in the private and public sectors,

Key Economic Indicators (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
Access a table that provides information on Australia's Key Economic Indicators.

Australian Industry Group
AIG represents a large number of businesses and provides information to assist their members run their businesses. The Economics section provides up-to-date statistics and information regarding Australia’s economy.

Reserve Bank of Australia
Access key information such as the inflation, exchange and cash rates.



Australian Financial Review
Provides Australian business and investment news. Read articles online or visit the Nettlefold Library to read the print version.

This database also provides access to economic magazines such as Eco Date.

Useful Websites

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
The ACCC enforces Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and a range of additional legislation, promoting competition, fair trading and regulating national infrastructure for the benefit of all Australians. This site provides information about how it supports consumers, businesses and regulated infrastructure.

Media providing analysis and opinion

Access news and opinion articles regarding world issues. It provides a Business and Economics section.

Australia News (Bloomberg)
Access national and global economics and marketing news.

The Conversation
An Australian site that provides analysis and opinion of current issues. It provides a Business and Economy section

The Drum (ABC)
Provides commentary and opinion on current issues. Unfortunately, it's not possible to conduct a keyword search on this site, but you can search the whole of the ABC.

ABC Online
Access and search online versions and archives of ABC programs such as 4 Corners, Lateline, Foreign Correspondent etc