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Science: Antarctica

Online and print Science resources.

Print Books

Some of the great books on Antarctica are shown on the left hand side of this page. Use the catalogue to search for others. Don't forget to limit your search to the Stephens Library.


Search Tips

If you use a search engine to locate additional information, try using a combination of the following key words:

Antarctica, animals, food webs, adaptations, Aurora Australis

Online Encyclopaedia


Australian Antarctic Division: About Antarctica

Visit this site to find out information about a variety of topics including Antarctic wildlife, the environment and what it is like living in Antarctica.  Listen to the different sounds that you would hear in Antarctica, or take a tour of Davis Station.

Critter Cam

Learn about 9 different Antarctic animals by taking a virtual tour.  

Adapting to the Cold (Australian Antarctic Division)

Find out what adaptations Antarctic animals have to help them cope with the cold

Food Webs (The Circle: Frozen Laboratory)

Provides a great illustration and information about Antarctic food webs.


Aurora Australis

Tour of Aurora Australis

Take a virtual tour of the ship

A 4min video that shows you around the ship.


Mercury Newspaper article, Aug 8, 2013 New ice ship on way

Provides information regarding a new ship to replace Aurora Australis.


Australian Antarctic Division website

Provides two articles that provide a good description of the ships specifications:

Aurora Australis 1989 -

Aurora Australis