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Science: Biology

Books in the Stephens Library


Provides a large number of videos covering all aspects of biology.

Useful Apps

An awesome app that provides highly detailed 3D plant and animal cells and bacteria for you to explore. Click on the organelles for an explanation of each. This is a free app for iOS and Android users.

Food Web (University of Western Australia)
This free app for iOS users enables you to create food webs for animals found in Western Australia. It then enables you to add cane toads into the food web to observe the effect these introduced animals have on native wildlife.


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Online resources

Australian Academy of Science
An Australian site that explains the science behind the headlines. Browse by topic or search the alphabetical list of keywords.

The Conversation 
Provides opinion articles written by academics and is an excellent resource for research tasks that require you to discuss alternative view points.

ABC Science
Access ABC radio and TV science programs, in-depth feature articles and daily science news. 

Current issues in Biology