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Science: Earth and Space

Books in the Stephens Library

Useful Apps

The Rock Cycle
Created by a 14 year old, this app explains the rock cycle using an interactive story. This is a free app for iOS users.

Video Clips

ABC Splash
Browse for videos and interactives about weather, space and geology. 


Search the Library's Worldshare Catalogue

Online resources

Space and our solar system (ABC Splash)
Provides short videos and interactive content discussing different aspects of astronomy.


Astronomy - online resources

General resources
Space + Flight (NOVA)
Provides good information, videos and images on all aspects of space. 

The Moon
Moon Facts (Royal Museums Greenwich)
Provides a good discussion of the characteristics of the moon.

The Moon (Extreme Science)
Provides a good discussion of the moon, including the geology and phases of the moon.

Is There an Atmosphere on the Moon? 
Provides detailed information regarding the moon's atmosphere.

Moon Facts: Fun Information About the Earth's Moon (
Provides good information, graphics and videos about the moon.