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English: Shakespeare

Shakespeare websites

Shakespeare in Quarto - see academic information including the basics, background, expert views, glossaries, time lines and full text 

Internet Shakespeare editions - see information about his life and times

Shakespeare resources Center - big range of background information

Open Shakespeare - search for words or characters  

Bell Shakespeare - Performance resources - find scripts, interviews and background information

The Bell Shakespeare Blog

The Royal Shakespeare Company

Royal Shakespeare Company - view videos of performances

Shakespeare performance in Asia

Where to find resources?

Books in the Hutchins Library:

Nettlefold Library has print copies of most of the play and sonnets as well as books on literary criticism. 

Search the Library catalogue to find the call number and find it on the shelf. 

UTAS resources:

For Year 11 and 12 students who have registered with the UTAS Step Up program you can:

  • Walk over to UTAS library
  • Go to one of the public catalogue computers in the foyer or on level 3
  • Go to the UTAS library website and click on 'Databases'
  • Access the subscribed database Shakespeare Collection
  • Print or download quality articles to use in your research
  • Check out their print books at the same time