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English: War poetry

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General war resources

Search this encyclopaedia for an overview of different wars.

World War I (Hutchins History guide)

World War II (Hutchins History guide)

Vietnam War 1962 - 75 (Australian War Memorial)
Provides an overview of this war.

Iraq (Australian War Memorial)
Scroll down the page for information about the second gulf war.

Analysis of specific poems

'Dulce Et Decorum Est'
Wilfred Owen: 'Dulce et Decorum Est' (The War Poetry Website)
Provide a good analysis of the poem.

Dulce Et Decorum Est (The Wilfred Owen association)
Provides a good analysis of the poem.

'High Flight'

 Fighter pilot poet (BBC Home)
Provides a discussion of this poem and a short biography about the author.

70 years of 'Slipping the surly bonds' (Air & Space)
A short discussion about the author, Magee and his poem.

High Flight (Bomber Command Museum of Canada)
Provides good background information regarding the poem and the author.

Bruce Dawe (Australian Biography)
Provides a lengthy transcript from an interview with the author and includes his views on war, politics and literature.

Bruce Dawe - anti war poet (National Film & Sound Archive)
Access biographical information about this poet from here.

'Regime Change'
BBC News 
Search this site for information about war poetry and Andrew Motion's poem 'Regime Change'

War poetry

Reframing first World War poetry (British Library)
Provides a general discussion about World War I poetry.

Representing the Great War: overview (The Norton anthology of English literature)
Provides a good discussion of World War I poetry.

War poetry: primary sources for World War I (HSC Online)
Categorises significant World War II poems.

Poetry Foundation
Provides access to a large number of poems and discussions regarding their context.

First World War Poetry Digital Archive

700 pieces of text, images, biographies and poems by 10 poets, including Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon

Kate Tempest - War Music