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TASC Art Production and Art Studio Practice: Studios

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The Nettlefold Library has a range of photography books, a few of these are shown below. Browse the catalogue for additional resources. Photography books have a call number of 770.



Australian Centre for Photography
A national centre of excellence in the exhibition, education and publication of photography.

Photography (Art Inspired)
This wiki provides an outline of a variety of photography techniques.


Printmaking books have a call number of 760. Below is a sample of books in the Nettlefold Library.


Printing (Art Inspired)
Read about a range of printing techniques from this wiki.


Painting books have the call number 750. Below is a sample of those found in the Nettlefold Library.


Painting (Art Inspired)
This wiki covers a variety of painting techniques.

Industrial Design

Industrial design books can be found in the 745 section in the Nettlefold Library. Books specific to architecture have the call number 720.

Cool hunting green : recycled, repurposed and renewable objects that inspire a greener world   The designer's atlas of sustainability   Studio design at work  

Architecture (Art Inspired)
Provides images of some unusuallydesigned buildings.


Craft and Design

Browse for books in the library catalogue using the medium (eg paper, glass or wood) as the key word. Some of the books in our library include the following:

Making heirloom boxes   Papercraft workshop : cut, stick, fold and mold-- over 100 inspirational papercrafting projects

Craft and design (Art Inspired)
Provides access to some great images of art using different media such as textiles, paper and art from recycled objects to name a few.

Mixed Media

Browse for relevant books using the subject term 'mixed media' in the library catalogue.

Digital alchemy : printmaking techniques for fine art, photography, and mixed media    Acrylic fusion : experimenting with alternative methods for painting, collage, and mixed media


Drawing Books in the Nettlefold Library have a call number of 740. Below are some of the books from our collection.


Drawing (Art Inspired)
Provides information on a range of drawing techniques.

Graphic Design

Check the Nettlefold Library for additional books - the call number is 741.


Graphic Design and Advertising (Art Inspired)
Provides good information on various aspects of graphic design.




Browse for books on sculpture in the 730 section in the Nettlefold Library

Sculpture since 1945


Sculpture (Art Inspired)
Provides information on a range of techniques.


Digital Art and Media

Books about digital media can be found in the 006 and 770 sections in the Nettlefold Library.

Photoshop made easy   Animation      Secrets of digital animation : a master class in innovative tools and techniques

Digital art and design (Art Inspired)
Provides information on techniques and tools.




 Books about ceramics can be found at 738 in the Nettlefold Library.

The workshop guide to ceramics

Ceramics (Art Inspired)