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English Literature TQA3: Journey Poems

Geoffrey Chaucer, Extract from ‘The General Prologue’ from The Canterbury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer: 1343 - 1400 (Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature)
Medieval poet, Middle English

Alfred Tennyson, ‘Ulysses’

Victorian poet

Alfred, Lord Tennyson 1809 - 1892 (Poetry Foundation)
Alfred Tennyson  (The Victorian Web)

Emily Dickinson, ‘Because I could not stop for Death’

Pre-modernist American poet (published 1890)\

Emily Dickinson 1830 - 1886 (Poetry Foundation)

Emily Dickinson's Biography (Emily Dickinson Museum)

T.S. Eliot, ‘The Journey of the Magi’

Kenneth Slessor, ‘Beach Burial’

Australian poet WW2, see handout

Kenneth Slessor (Australian Dictionary of Biography)

Kenneth Adolf Slessor (Australian War memorial)

Kenneth Slessor Part One (ABC)

Sarah Day, ‘The Ship’

Tasmanian poet (published 2004)

Sarah Day, Poet

Sarah Day (Australian Poetry Library)

Review: Sarah Day "The Ship"

EBSCOHost Database

Use this database to access commentary and analysis of different poets and their poems.

Online Encyclopaedia

This encyclopaeida is a good source of biographical and historical information. Check the Web's Best Sites for access to relevant websites.

Online Videos

Search the Exchange for videos about Chaucer and Emily Dickinson


The Nettlefold Library has some literary dictionaries that are useful for defining any unusual terms in your selected poem. 

Books in the Nettlefold Library

Browsing the following sections of the shelves will give you useful books for poetry and the historical and cultural events that occurred when a poem was written:

English poetry 821
Australian poetry 820-822
American poetry 811
History  900-999
Mythology and religion 291
Politics 320

Alternatively, search the library catalogue to find relevant books.

Finding images for your project

Images in books and the internet and protected by copyright. You should be making an effort to find images that you are legally allowed to use; that is, those that have a Creative Commons Licence. The following guide provides information on finding and referencing such resources:

Visit the Finding Creative Commons material which will provide you with source of Creative Commons material and provide advice on how to reference such material.

Online resources

Poetry Foundation
Provides biographical information about different poets.

Australian Poetry Library
Access biiographical information about Australian poets.