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English Literature TQA3: General resources

Library resources

These are some of the titles available from the Nettlefold Library for your English Literature studies.

Explore the Library catalogue to find more.

UTAS resources

Browse the UTAS library catalogue to find suitable books. You need to be registered with the Step-up program to borrow items from UTAS.

Newspapers, magazines and journal articles

Search this database to find commentary regarding literature, poetry and film.

Online Encyclopaedia

An encyclopeida is one of the best places to start your research as it will provide you with a broad overview of your topic.

Use this encyclopaedia to find background information about your topic.


Provides commentary on modern and contemporary poetry and poetics.

Poetry Foundation
Access this large database of poems. Also provide commentary about poems.

Poetry Library
Poetry resources.


General resources

Access bibliographies and study guides covering over 2000 classic texts. 

The Conversation
Search for articles written by academics on Australian and English literature and film.

The Guardian
Access reviews and commentary about literature and film. 

A literary and cultural magazine that explores the relationship between politics and culture.

English literature

Discovering literature: Romantics and Victorians (The British Library)
Access information about authors and poets of these periods. Also provides commentary on their works and social context.

The Norton anthology of English literature
Provides an excellent overview of the defining moments of the periods from the the middle ages to the 20th century.

Australian literature

Australian Humanities Review
Provides a forum for open intellectual debate across humanities disciplines, about all aspects of social, cultural and political life.

Australian Book Review
Provides reviews, essays and commentaries on Australian literature.

Essays (Reading Australia)
Search for essays on a range of poetry and fiction books written by Australian authors.

Provides access to essays about Australian fiction and poetry.

Quadrant online
An Australian journal covering literature, poetry and historical and political debate. 

Finding books in the library

Browsing these sections of the shelves will give you useful books for poetry and related areas that you might need to research the meaning of a poem or the historical events that occurred when a poem was written.

Mythology and religion 291
Politics 320
Film 770
Writing poetry 808
American literature 810
American poetry 811
English literature  820
Australian poetry 820
English poetry 821
History 900-999


Dictionaries and books

The Nettlefold Library has some literature dictionaries available for loan. These are a good place to start your research. Browse the Library catalogue to find more.