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Science: Earth and Space

Provides access to a range of print and online resources to support this subject.

Books in the Nettlefold Library

This is a small selection of books available in the Nettlefold Library. Browse the Library catalogue accessible from the main science page for additional resources.


Useful Websites

Dynamic Earth
Provides good information explaining about the earth's structure and plate tectonics.

Online Videos

Neo K to 12 provides a large range of videos explaining various scientific themes. Click on the links below to access relevant videos:





A great free iPad app for going back in time and exploring what the earth was like millions of years ago. Discover how the climate and position of the continents have changed over time and more!


Online Videos

Neo K to 12 provides a range of videos explaing the big bang theory and other space-related topics. Click on the link to browse these videos.