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Science: Infectious Diseases

Provides access to a range of print and online resources to support this subject.

Books in the Nettlefold Library

The Library only has a small number of books on infectious diseases, which are listed below. 

Search Terms

To narrow your search results when using the Library's databases or when browsing the web, try adding the name of the disease plus any of the following terms: immune response, transmission, treatment, prevention, cure, symptoms, epidemiology, impact, historical, impact

Online Library Resources

Browse the topic index for infectiousdiseases or do a keyword search to find articles regarding various diseases.

Useful Websites

WHO (World Health Organisation)
An authority on infectious diseases and provides good fact sheets regarding  diagnosis, treatment, and relevant statistics demonstrating the impact each disease has on society.

Centers for Disease Control and Infection
Access a range of fact sheets on different diseases from this American authority on disease control.

South Australian Health 
Provides good articles on a range of diseases.

Better Health Channel
Browse articles on a range of infectious diseases using this Victorian Government-sponsored site.

ABC Science
Search this site for articles covering a range of infectious diseases. This site is updated regularly so provides good coverage of current disease outbreaks.


Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity guide
Access this Hutchins-created guide for assistance with referencing and other aspects of academic integrity.