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Science: Genetic Engineering

Provides access to a range of print and online resources to support this subject.

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Books in the Nettlefold Library

Below is a sample of books that are available in the Nettlefold Library. Visit the main Science page to search the catalogue to find additional resources.

Choosing the Best Key Words

Choosing the best keywords to search the internet or library databases will help you find quality resources. Below are some suggested keywords. Try using a combination of them to refine your search:

Genetic engineering  Medicine Agriculture Food Crops
Genetic modification Animals Ethics Issues Advantages Disadvantages

Competition entrants also may wish to try some of the following keywords:
Gene therapy, Gene regulation, Gene products, DNA, RNA, Genetic code, Human genome, Mutation, Cancer

Starting Your Research

This encyclopaedia is an ideal resource when you are first starting your research as it will provide you with an overview of your topic. Check the Web's Best for some relevant websites.

Dictionary of Science

Use a science dictionary to define keywords. Alternatively, use the term define: in Google to retrieve a definition. For example, define: DNA


DNA (Khan Academy)
Particularly useful for those entering the essay competition , this site provides a video explaining the structure of DNA. The next video in this series, RNA Transcription and Translation may also be useful. Try searching for other explanatory videos on Youtube.

What is Genetic Modification?

A beginner's guide to genetic engineering (

What is Genetic Modification (GM)?  (CSIRO)
Briefly explains genetic modification

Genetic Modification (BBC - GCSE Bitesize)
Provides a short description and animation explaining genetic modification.


Analysis and Opinion

The Conversation
This Australian site provides articles written by academics, providing credible analysis and opinion and a range of topics.

ABC Science
Explores current developments and issues in genetic engineering.

Genetic Literacy Project
Provides balanced analysis and opinions regarding developments in genetics.

Genetically Modified Crops: The Ethical and Social Issues (Nuffield Council on Bioethics)
This report provides a detailed analysis of some of the advantages and potential issues of genetic engineering.


Online Videos


Citemaker (online referencing generator)
Citemaker will generate references in either APA, Harvard, MLA or Oxford styles. If you are entering the essay competition, you are required to use APA or MLA. 


Useful Hutchins Guides

This will guide you through the reseach process, helping you produce the best possible essay.