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Science: Genetics and Evolution

Provides access to a range of print and online resources to support this subject.

Books in the Nettlefold Library

Below is a sample of books that are available in the Nettlefold Library. Visit the main Science page to search the catalogue to find additional resources.

Gregor Mendel

Watch this fun animation to learn more about Gregor Mendel.


Learn.Genetics (Genetic Science Learning Center)
Provides excellent information on all aspects of genetics including inheritance, genetic disorders, gene therapy, cloning and stem cells. This site also provides resources for teachers including lesson plans. Many of these concepts are explained through animations.

Neo K to 12
Watch a range of fun animations that clearly explain various aspects of genetics and heredity.

Variation and classification (BBC Bitesize)
A great video that explains how variation in organisms arises.


Evolution (NOVA)
Provides detailed information and a variety of videos about various aspects of evolution. The Students link is useful for finding videos, accessing online lessons and  information for projects.

Evolution: Fact and Theory (Actionbioscience)
Discusses evolution and the evidence for it.

Resources providing Current Information

ABC Science
Provides an Australian perspective on science-related issues that have been in the news.