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Resources for teachers: Academic integrity

Provides information about great teaching resources and the library's services

Resources for students

Access the Academic Integrity LibGuide for your mini-school for teaching resources.

Strategies for reducing plagiarism

  • Provide explicit teaching on academic integrity - use the in the resources Academic Integrity LibGuide and invite a Teacher Librarian into your class
  • Scaffold the research process to make researching easier -  use the How do I Research? LibGuide to support students
  • Give explicit instruction on note-taking and provide note-taking tools
  • Ensure information resources that students use are at an appropriate reading level - use the subject LibGuides and ask a Teacher Librarian to teach students how to find suitable information
  • Help students reduce the time they spend searching for resources - use the subject LibGuides.
  • Provide explicit instruction regarding referencing - use the resources in the Academic Integrity LibGuide
  • Provide formative feedback on academic integrity - allow students to submit draft assignments to Turnitin
  • Design assignment tasks that prevent 'cutting and pasting' - collaborate with a Teacher Librarian or use primary resources


Academic integrity procedures and tools