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Resources for teachers: New teachers' guide to the Hutchins Libraries

Provides information about great teaching resources and the library's services

Library support for teachers

A Teacher Librarian is available to support you and your students in the following ways:

  • Teach students how to use LibGuides, library databases and the catalogue
  • Assist with the UTAS Step-Up program for Years 11-12
  • Collaboratively plan and teach inquiry units
  • Teach note-taking and paraphrasing skills
  • Show students how to identify credible information sources
  • Teach academic integrity skills including strategies to reduce the incidence of plagiarism
  • Curate subject-specific resources in LibGuides and provide resources to differentiate the curriculum

Booking equipment or a library room

The Hutchins libraries have equipment for loan and rooms that can be booked by classes. These items and rooms include: 

Stephens Library

  • ACER Projector
  • Desktops
  • Netbooks (shown as 'HT3 Stephens Library' on the booking sheet) - can be taken to classrooms and students are required to check these out in their name
  • Laptops - can be taken to classrooms and students are required to check these out in their name
  • Seminar room
  • Classroom area within the library that provides desks and chairs (shown as 'Stephens Library not computers' on the booking sheet)
  • Flip and digital cameras

Nettlefold Library

  • Data projectors
  • Seminar room (also known as the Global Classroom or SG09)
  • Nettlefold Library (chairs and tables)
  • Tablets - these can't be booked through our online booking system. Students are required to visit the library with their student card to borrow these.
  • Flip and digital cameras

Curriculum resources

  • Create accounts in our library catalogue (WorldCat) for renewing your loans and creating lists of resources. Instructions for doing  this are available here.
  • Browse the subject LibGuides and ask the library staff if you would like a guide created for your subject.
  • Visit the Curriculum and Professional Learning Resources page to access guides that provide literature recommendations for different subjects.
  • View the Library Resources presentation to discover the subscription resources that are available to support your classes.


The Nettlefold Library staff offer a laminating service to staff. Laminating is done every Friday morning.

About LibGuides

LibGuides is the platform that we use to deliver our online resources to staff and students. The Hutchins LibGuides can be accessed from Hutchins Central or using the URL provided in the link. Visit the LibGuide for your mini-school to explore the resources we provide your students. If you would like a subject guide created for your students, please let the library staff know. 

Why use LibGuides?

  • They encourage your students to use a range of resources including books, encyclopaedias, videos, library databases and websites
  • They provide age-appropriate content
  • They enable students to spend less time searching for information, giving them more time to spend on other aspects of the research. 
  • The How do I Research? guide provides students with tools and information to improve their research and assignment writing skills.

Guided inquiry and the PLUS model

Research shows that academic achievement improves if the inquiry process is scaffolded. At Hutchins, we use the PLUS (Purpose, Location, Use and Self-Evaluation) model. Through the use of this model, students will cover many aspects of the ICT and Critical and Creative Thinking General Capabilities. Access the following link for more information regarding this model: 

Information Literacy - A general lesson plan accessible from Atlas

The following guides provide information about the research process for students, helping them to scaffold the process and develop good writing and critical thinking skills:

A Teacher Librarian is available to work with you and your students to scaffold the inquiry process when your students undertake research projects.

Professional reading

Browse the list of serials that the library subscribes to and contact the library staff if you would like to receive any of these.

Academic intengrity

  • View the referencing standards required for your school
  • Visit the Academic Integrity LibGuide for your school for useful teaching resources. Access your relevant guide here: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School
  • Read the documents relating to our school's guidelines on plagiarism
  • Ask a library staff member to add your Year 10-12 classes to Turnitin. You may also choose to add your Year 8 and Year 9 classes to Turnitin

Supporting Recreational Reading

Refer students and parents to our Great Reads LibGuide for your mini-school:


Read the copyright page to assist you with adding content to Rory, creating worksheets or adding material to social media.