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TASC Drama and Theatre Performance: Artificial Intelligence Tools

Guide to support students undertaking TASC courses in Drama

Artificial Intelligence Tools

Artificial Intelligence tools are designed to respond to user inputs by creating a text or image output. If you use an IA tool you must reference it in your bibliography and clearly indicate the AI-generated information with in-text referencing.

Referencing AI generated information

Use of an AI tool should only be to support your own work, not to write your work for you.

APA style treats AI-generated material like the output of an algorithm, so you must credit the author of the algorithm in the reference list and in-text referencing.

I asked ChatGPT to generate a list of the "key points of Uta Hagen's technique" (OpenAI, 2023). From this list I have chosen to concentrate upon the actor's actions, characterisation, physicality and audience connection.


OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Aug 3 version) [Large language model]. 

Reference elements for AI tools

WHO      Author: the author of the model eg OpenAI, starryai, Grammarly

WHEN    Date: year of the version you used 

WHAT     Title: the italicised name of the model you used eg ChatGPT, starryai, GrammarlyGO

WHERE  Source: if there is a URL directly to the output, use that. For tools like ChatGPT where you can't link to the results, use a link to the homepage of the model ie ChatGPT homepage, not the OpenAI homepage