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TASC Drama and Theatre Performance: Websites

Guide to support students undertaking TASC courses in Drama


Who. (When). What. Where. URL

Reference list:

► If the group author and site name are the same, you do not need to include the site name in the WHERE component:

Drama Australia. (2018, March 9). DADA and MAMA. 

► For an individual author on a webpage, include the site name as publisher in the WHERE component:

Ates, A. (2022, March 14). Meisner Technique: an Actor's Guide. Backstage.


Drama Australia (2018) began two projects...   OR   The DADA and MAMA projects (Drama Australia, 2018) were designed to....

Ates (2022) describes the Meisner Technique as...   OR   The Meisner Technique (Ates, 2022) involves...

Webpage with a retrieval date

Who. (When). WhatWhere. Retrieved Month day, year, from URL

► Include a retrieval date before the URL when the contents of the page are likely to change over time, and the page itself is not archived for future reference

Reference list:

Group author and site name are the same:

Theatre Royal Hobart. (2023). What's On. Retrieved June 19, 2023 from 



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