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TASC Drama and Theatre Performance: Audiovisual media - movies, online video, radio, podcasts

Guide to support students undertaking TASC courses in Drama

Audiovisual Media

Who. (When). What [Media type]. Where. URL

► The person who uploaded the video is credited as the author, even if they did not create the content.

Reference list:

American Theatre Wing. (2016, December 8). Working in the Theatre: Lighting Design [Video].  YouTube.


...(American Theatre Wing, 2016)....  OR   ...American Theatre Wing (2016)...

Who. (Role). (When). What [Media type]. Where. URL

► Credit the director as the author of standalone films.

► If the format needs more information, eg for a special edition director's cut, this can be included within the square brackets eg [Film; four-disc special extended ed. on DVD]

► A URL is only needed for films accessed online.

Reference list:

Jordan, G. (Director). (2003). Ned Kelly [Film].  Universal Studios; Studio Canal; Working Title Films

De Palma, B. (Director). (1987). The Untouchables [Film]. Paramount Pictures.


...(Jordan, 2003) or ... Jordan (2003)...

... (De Palma, 1987)    or ... De Palma (1987)

Who (Role). (When). What [Description]. Where. URL

► List the host of the podcast as the author, with role description in parentheses. If there is no host name, list the executive producer instead.

Reference list:    

Waxman, N. (Host). (2023, June 8). Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (with John Shearman and David Spencer) [Audio podcast episode]. In The Aside. Drama Victoria


(Waxman, 2023)      OR      ...and as Waxman (2023) observed in...

Who (Role). (When). What [media type]. Where. URL

A series or regular radio program

 This is similar to citing an edited book.

Reference list:

Cathcart, M. (Presenter). (2023). The Stage Show [Radio program]. ABC.


Cathcart (2023) notes that.... OR  Current Australian drama is said to be.... (Cathcart, 2023)


Episode from a radio series

► This is similar to citing a chapter from a book. The WHERE segment includes the details of the whole work, preceded by "in". 

Who (Role). (When). What [Media type]. In/On Where. URL

Reference list:

Cathcart, M. (Presenter). (2023, June 6). Eddie Perfect and Gillian Cosgriff show us how to make a musical [Radio broadcast]. In R. Brown (Executive Producer), The Stage Show. ABC.

Referencing Audiovisual Media - Guidelines

The author of an audiovisual item is determined by the type of media:

American Psychological Association. (2020). [Audiovisual media authors] [table]. American Psychological Association
Media Type Include as the author
Film Director
TV series Executive producer(s)
TV series episode Writer and director of episode
Podcast Host or executive producer
Podcast episode Host of episode
Webinar Instructor
Classical music album or song Composer
Modern music album or song Recording artist
Artwork Artist
Online streaming video Person or group who uploaded the video
Photograph Photographer


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