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TASC Legal Studies: Government and governance

Books in the Nettlefold Library

Hot Topics

Access the following Hot Topics issues here:

Australian legal system

International humanitarian law

Voting and elections

LINC's Informit Database provides access to a range of Hot Topics that cover government, voting and elections. Login using your LINC membership details.

Federal Government resources

Parliament of Australia
Access good information about how Parliament operates, bills and legislation.

Parliamentary Education Office
Provides good information about different aspects of parliament

Australian Law Reform Commission
Provides information regarding law reform.
Access comprehensive information regarding the structure of Australian parliament.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
A good source of information regarding international issues, treaties and agreements.

Access to Justice (Australian Government)
Access information about Australia's legal system and court hierarchy.

Local Government

What is Local Government? (Tasmanian Government)
Outlines what local government is and its functions and powers.

International law

World Legal Information Institute
Access law from other countries.

Tasmania Law Reform Institute

Tasmania Law Reform Institute
The Institute makes recommendations for changes in law. Check out the Publications link to browse the completed and ongoing law reform projects.

State Government resources

Parliament of Tasmania
Access information regarding the Tasmanian parliament, bills and legislation.

The Parliamentary Library
Provides a range of pdf documents explaining how Parliament operates and how laws are made.

Courts and Tribunals Tasmania
Access information regarding the court and tribunal systems.

Analysis and opinion

ABC Radio National - Law Report
Provides jargon-free stories regarding law reform, legal education, test cases, miscarriages of justice and legal culture. Search for an article using a keyword search or click on Past Programs to browse the A to Z topic list.

The Drum (ABC)
Provides analysis and opinions regarding current issues. Unfortunately, it's not possible to conduct a keyword search for an article provided by this site, but a function is available to search the whole of the ABC site.

The Conversation
An excellent source of analysis and opinion articles about current issues.

Improving Federalism: Drivers of Change, Repair Options and Reform Scenario
This EBSCOhost article provides a critical analysis of federalism. Login using the EBSChost username and password.