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TASC Legal Studies: Sources of law

Books in the Nettlefold Library

These texts provide information on common and statue law.

Online resources

Royal Commissions: how do they work? (The Conversation)
Provides a good discussion of the role of Royal Commissions.

Royal Commissions and Commissions of Inquiry (Parliament of Australia)
Access Royal Commissions and Commissions of Inquiry appointed by the Australian Government since 1902.

Law reform (Tasmanian Law Handbook)
A brief discussion of the role of the ALRC and TLRI in law reform.

Petitions (Australian Parliament)
Provides information about petitions and the process for lodging them.

Law Reform 
This is chapter 15 from the book Justice and outcomes VCE legal studies Units 3&4, 15E and provides a detailed account of the various ways that law reform occurs, including the role of petitions, pressure groups and organisations. It also examines the strengths and weakness of the parliament in reforming laws. Click here for the referencing details.

Common and statute law

Tasmania Law Handbook 
Provides a good discussion of common law, it's history, interpreting common law and how it compares to statute law (legislation).

Newspaper, magazine and journal articles

Law Reform

'Public participation in law reform' (Legaldate)
An excellent article discusses the role of individuals and the Australian Law Reform Commission in law reform.

'Pressure groups: their role in developing the law' (Legaldate)
Provides an excellent discussion of the role of pressure groups in law reform.

Common and statute law

'Law making through the courts: how it occurs and is it an effective method of making laws?' (Legaldate)
Critically examines common law and the doctrine of precedent and whether common law is an effective way of making laws.

'The theory and practice of precedent' (Legaldate)
Provides a detailed discussion of the doctrine of precedent in law making.

Law reform bodies

Australian Law Reform Organisations

Australian Law Reform Commission (Australian Government)
A federal agency that reviews laws and makes recommendations to government. Access this site to search for projects they have been involved in.

Tasmanian Law Reform Organisations

Tasmania Law Reform Institute (UTAS)
Browse the law reform projects this organisation has been involved in.

Tasmanian Community Legal Centres
Provide free legal services to the public and advocates for law reform on a range of issues. Browse the Law Reform section in News & Updates to read about recent projects these centres have been involved in. The local Community Legal Centre is Hobart Community Legal Service.