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Modern History: Industrial Revolution - 1750 - 1914

Provides access to general resources that support the Modern History curriculum for Years 9 and 10

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The Open Door Website : The Industrial Revolution         
The list of dot points on the first page has links to a wide range of specific topics and these in turn link to even more information. There are images, biographies, timelines and a wealth of detail about the Industrial Revolution, all written clearly and simply.     
This could be a starting-point, providing a good overview from many perspectives.  

Why the Industrial Revolution happened in Britain     
Sets the Industrial Revolution in context, explaining how new technologies (coal power, naval power) and new ideas had an impact on the industrialisation of Britain, bringing about an explosion in roads, railways, canals, cities and towns, and factories and mills.

European Route of Industrial Heritage     
This site was initiated by a group of people from the countries in Europe where the Industrial Revolution took place. It's essentially a museums/historic sites guide, but use the menu at the left to research the Countries, their Industrial History, the people involved (Biographies) and images (Photo Gallery)

Victorian Britain (The National Archives)      
A good site with many primary source examples, this covers different aspects of the Industrial Revolution such as health, the law, family life and industry.

Child Labour : Lessons from the Industrial Revolution     
Written by Prof Jane Humphries, a British academic, this article comes from extensive research using primary sources. It explores the role of children and women in the work force and the impact this had on family life.

UK National Archives : The Struggle for Democrary : Child Labour     
A terrific site with primary source documents written at the time.

UK National Archives : The Struggle for Democracy : Trade Unionism      
Primary sources which make real the stories behind the origins of trade unionism during the Industrial Revolution.

Linking a Nation: Australia's Transport and Communications 1788-1970 (Chapter 1)    Read just the first chapter of this very long lecture to get a clear overview of how Australia developed transport and communications systems to deal with the huge distances and the problems associated with opening up this vast land for settlement.

Industrial Revolution (SchoolHistory)
Provides a large number of links to sites that discuss various aspects of the industrial revolution


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