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Modern History: World War II (Year 10)

Provides access to general resources that support the Modern History curriculum for Years 9 and 10

Books in the Nettlefold Library

The Nettlefold Library has a variety of books covering World War II. Browse the library catalogue to locate these.

Online Encyclopaedia


Search Tips

Try using a combination of the following search terms when retrieving information from the internet or databases:

World War II, Women, Propaganda, Australia, Home front, Censorship, Hiroshima, Atomic bomb, Holocaust, Prisoners of War, Battle of Britain, Kokoda, Fall of Singapore, Women, Conscription, Rationing, Manpower, International Relationships, United Nations, Britain, United States of America, Asia, Causes

As you are interested in Australia's involvement in the war, use the Advanced Search option if using Google and set the region to Australia, thus narrowing your search to Australian sites.

Internet Resources

World War II (BBC)
Covers the causes and significant events of this war. Provides a detailed article Churchill: The Gathering Storm that provides a critical analysis of Churchill's The Gathering Storm.

World War II (ABC Education)
Access videos, podcasts and information on War War II from an Australian perspective.

Second World War, 1939-45 (Australian War Memorial)
Provides a good overview of Australia's involvement.

Australia's War 1939-1945 (Australian Government)
Provides a wealth of information regarding Australia's involvement in the war, the effects on the home front and the role women played in the war. Also provides a range of digitized primary materials from this period.

Australia & WWII (State Library of Victoria)
Provides excellent coverage of Australia's involvement in WWII both abroad and on the home front.

Rise of Hitler and the Nazis (SchoolHistory)
Provides a large number of links to resources about Hitler and the Nazi party.

Australians at War (Australian Government)
Although primarily designed as a teaching resource, this site provides some good information about Australia's involvement in World War II.

World War II (History Channel)
Access videos, information and interactives about World War II. Provides access to a 3 minute video about the causes of World War II

World War Two (History Learning Site)
Access information on a large number of topics related to World War II. In particular, this site provides detailed information regarding the causes of World War II.