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Modern History: Progressive Ideas and Movements 1750 - 1918

Provides access to general resources that support the Modern History curriculum for Years 9 and 10

Online encyclopaedia


Merriam Webster Dictionary - Darwinism
A dictionary definition of Darwinism and short explanation of Darwinism


Convict Petition Against Chartism - ABC Splash
Listen (or read the transcript) to this 7 minute podcast about William Cuffay's link with the Chartist petition of 1848 and how he was discrimitated against. This extract from the radion program, The Isle of Denial: William Cuffay in Van Diemen's Land describes the presentation of the petition and the panic it caused authorities in London. 

Introductory videos

In particular watch the 5 minute clip, Progressive Ideologies  covers the period between 1750 and 1918 and examines the major shifts from Imperialism to  Nationalism, Capitalism to Egalitarianism.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary - Capitalism
Provides a definition and short explanation of capitalism

History of Capitalism
Provides a detailed outline of the origins of Capitalism

Capitalism in one lesson
Written by the Australian School of Economics, this site provides an outline of what capitalism is and how it is works.

This 15 minute clip that explains what capitalism is and its origins. It is an entertaining clip, but the narrator speaks rather quickly.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary - Nationalism
A dictionary definition of nationalism

This 9 minute clip provides a good discussion of Nationalism and its origins.


The following video explains the difference between colonialism and imperialism.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary - Imperialism
A dictionary definition and short explanation of imperialism.